Ten Foundations

The Bayanihan Village

The Bayanihan Village was built with a generous donation from Ashfield Girls School. We chose the Filipino word 'Bayanihan' as our village name because its direct translation is 'everyone lifting together', which is exactly how it was made. Its 4000 square metres area holds the headquarters of Ten Foundations. It was built with both volunteers and local people, joining hands in a project bringing different ends of the world together in the remote area of Balayan, Philippines.

This is where we have some basic accommodation for some mothers and their children. This is also where we hold our livelihood programme. All the products sold by Ten Foundations are made right here, amongst the laughter and chatter of people who know they are on a path to a brighter future.

It is a place of great peace and tranquility, and has already become a focal point for all the people in the surrounding area, a place where children and adults both come to gather and spend time together.

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