Ten Foundations

Special Programmes

Disaster Relief

The Philippines generally endures up to 20 typhoons a year. These natural disasters often have a catastrophic effect on the vulnerable people and communities we work with. When Typhoon Haiyan devastated families and homes we had to help. We worked with the disaster charities on the ground and we supplied immediate practical aid in the form of blankets, tarpaulins for shelter, sleeping mats etc. We also supplied over 1000 sheets of galvanized iron to help families and communities rebuild their homes.

Medical Assistance

Our work sometimes means we meet the most vulnerable people. In July 2013 we met Catherine, she is 5 years old and suffers from cerebral palsy. Her and her family receive no support either medically or financially. Catherine was unable to move from her house, spending most of her time lying on the floor of her one room house. Ten Foundations bought her a special pram that now enables her family to take her outside and offers her a better quality of life. This has changed her and her families life. This is an area of continuous need and with your support we would like to offer much more help here.