Ten Foundations


I am Ronalyn dela Vega 21 years old and currently employed by Ten Foundations. I began to apply in the year of 2015 as a caretaker of Evian, a special child under the care of Ten Foundations. Three years ago, I was transferred to livelihood (making sports bag) as a cutter, and I am a regular employee of Ten Foundations. Big joy in my heart that  being chosen by this Foundation,  because since then, I have been disabled since I was born. I did not walk normally like normal persons did. It's very difficult because I cannot do everything I want. I just finished the first year high school and because of my disability, sometimes it became a hindrance to reach my dreams, felt ashamed to other people and lacked confidence in myself. 

A great opportunity to get into this organisation, because when you are in this area, I felt how much your colleagues   affection and values will be welcomed. And of course not only that, the biggest share of this foundation in my life has come to my entire family. I was the first born to six siblings and being an eldest  I have a great responsibility for my parents, especially for the rest of my siblings to help them. And because we do not have daily resources as my father is just a common construction worker and my mother is just a housewife. At my regularity in the foundation is a great help to me as I have a regular wages every weekend other benefits that foundation provided to every employee. 

My parents are proud of my work and to this organisation. And also because of this, I was given the opportunity to study ALS and finish it with a medal achievement. A great foundation was founded and started by papa Ian here on our place. An endless gratitude to him who has a big heart to give his full strength to gave us a very rare opportunity to change our lives.