What We Do

Many charities around the world aim to provide homes to people. While very necessary, we aim differently. With our Livelihood Programme, we help women get out of impoverished situations by providing them with the necessary skills and resources to learn how to use an industrial sewing machine. With this knowledge, they are then able to work and provide for their families in a sustainable manner. Each woman in Ten Foundations is given the tools to help lift herself and her family out of the cycle of poverty, effectively helping to break it.


Help Us Make A Lasting Difference.

We need people just like you to help us. Every penny we raise goes directly to help these vulnerable and neglected children. If you think you would like to help then we would love to talk to you. In the meantime here is some ideas to get you thinking.

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This includes skills training and employment program for unemployed women in Taludtod, Balayan, Batangas area in order to provide sustainable livelihood, i.e offers financial independence to trained beneficiaries and knock-on benefits to their families. This also includes empowering the women we work with, enabling them to learn new skills, earn a decent wage, feed their children and send them to school. Each trained women is employed in the livelihood programme, given the tools to help lift herself and her family out of the cycle of poverty-providing a sustainable future for these women and their families. It also provides second hand industrial sewing machines and the women design and make children's school bags.

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