Our Journey

A gift that can change a life

Our school bags are handcrafted by each of the mothers and fathers employed by the foundation. Therefore, each bag represents the story of a unique family. In addition, we provide one school bag for every bag we sell to a child in need in the Philippines. Our goal is to make it easier for children to go to school and enable them to continue their education by providing them with a tool to carry their school supplies.

We offer incredibly designed school bags that are also of exceptional quality. By purchasing a Ten Foundation schoolbag, you are also empowering a student 7,000 miles away.

The gift of a sewing machine

Each sewing machine provided by the foundation to Bayanihan Village represents another life-changing experience for parents who only want what is best for their children. A sewing machine is another opportunity for someone with zero opportunities to live a decent life. It is our goal to expand our operations in the Philippines to provide livelihood to as many vulnerable individuals as possible.

And when given the raw materials, our creative staff then

Every seam in each bag is crafted with love by our passionate staff members with a smile. Every seam in each bag is crafted with love by our passionate staff members with a smile. Using local materials, each bag is handmade in Bayanihan Village, a community built by the foundation that embodies the culture of every Filipino. In the Philippines, there is a custom known as Bayanihan (pronounced as buy-oo-nee-hou), derived from the word bayan, which means nation, town, or community. In its literal meaning, bayanihan refers to a spirit of unity, work and cooperation among a community to achieve a common goal. This name embodies what the foundation represents as its core value.

Create high-quality schoolbags

Not only do our bags make a difference for people, but the environment as well. We promote sustainability by using regarded juice cartons, fabric offcuts and advertising banners, among many others. All of our bags are made with high quality YKK zippers and are available in an array of stylish designs, from canvas to sports bags. We have bags to suit every taste.

Sold by our dedicated volunteers in Northern Ireland

There are 30 active volunteers in Northern Ireland. Ranging from 13 to 76 years old. Each of them dedicates their precious time to volunteering at our shops in Castle Court and Lisburn Road. Pop-up stores are also held periodically throughout the year. They are considered family to us and not just volunteers.

Additionally, we partner with Northern Ireland primary schools and make occasional visits in order to promote our initiative and give every child an opportunity to be a part of our journey in changing lives.

These also funds children to get better quality education

We have provided 21 scholars with scholarships over the past decade. Exceptionally bright and promising students who would have been unable to attend school due to extreme poverty. We have 8 graduates from universities and 13 students enrolled in various levels of education. Our goal is to provide more scholarships because we believe that every child deserves a quality education and no child should be left behind behind.

The profits will create livelihood and power the local community

The impact of the foundation's livelihood programme does not only benefit Bayanihan Village, it extends to many other places as well. The foundation's livelihood programme also benefits the communities around Bayanihan Village. The salaries received by the employees are all spent within the local community and the surrounding village. These expenses include food and clothing. Our staff reported spending the money in the local community, thereby boosting the local economy and expanding the impact wider.

We kindly ask for your support

Just like any charity, we want you to be part of our journey and not just ask for your support. A journey that changes lives. The lives of every woman and man in the foundation matter, as do the lives of their children and future generations. Each of us has the ability to break the cycle of poverty. Let us all make a difference together.

A Schoolbag that can change a Life