Ten Foundations

Our Stories


Angelica Arellano with nickname “Angel” is the youngest child in eight children. She is 10 yrs old now currently studying in grade 5 at primary level. Her parents were from Quezon province and migrated in Taludtod, Balayan, Batangas. She was the first child that took good care of Ten Foundations. Angelica’s mother died when she was still very young giving birth on the 9th child. Her father work at sugar cane, but due to seasonal harvest of sugar cane money earned is not enough to buy foods daily to feed eight children. In order to survive daily they catch rats to eat. Ten Foundation team found Angelica eating rats with her brother at their “kubo” house. It was a broken-hearted scene to see a four-year-old malnourished child living in the middle of sugar cane. Since the team took her and brought her to the Foundation Angelica’s life has changed. You will now see Angelica's happy face that was never seen when first met.


Rosslyn Medrano with nickname “Nica” is the 7th child in eight children. She is now 11 years old studying in Grade 6 at primary level. She lived near a dumpsite area before called “Payatas” in Balayan, Batangas. When Ten Foundations team and Papa Ian conducted feeding at their area, they met Rosslyn. The team saw her naked sleeping in the street most of the day starving. Every day, the team feed Rosslyn including hundreds of other hungry malnourished children. Rosslyn's house was a shanty type of house made from rice sacks and patches of wood. Her mother collected garbage to sell to buy food everyday while her father commits suicide due to the terrible life they had. Rosslyn is one of the children transformed by Ten Foundation to what a child should have. At present, she is growing up happy living in Ten Foundations.