Ten Foundations

Our Bags

About the Bags

Each of our bags are handmade by a woman in the Philippines who is getting a fair and decent wage, making each bag as unique as each woman making it, and as unique as you! Better yet - for every bag that we sell, we are able to give one school bag to a child in need in the Philippines. While there are many circumstances that we cannot change in every child's life, we can make it easier from them to go to school and encourage them to continue their education by giving them a tool to carry all their school supplies.

Not only are our bags incredibly well-designed, but they are also of great quality! They will be sure to last you for a long while, and at the same time giving you a message that you would be proud to wear.

By purchasing a Ten Foundations bag, you are empowering another student halfway around the world to keep themselves in education, while also getting a great bag.

Recycled Option

Not only do our bags help people, they also help the environment! By using juice cartons, offcuts of fabric and advertising banners amongst many others, we aim to continue our journey of sustainability.

YKK Zippers

YKK are brand leaders in sippers, which again follows our motto of ensuring the highest quality for you.

Variety of Styles

Apart from school bags in a huge range of designs, we also have canvas bags, lunch bags, sports bags and many others, ensuring there is a bag that suits your taste!

Made with Love

Each bag is individually made by a mother on the other side of the world, you are helping her and her child, and you can see the love in each seam.