Ten Foundations

Meet Gado the Gardener

"I'm Edgardo Mayuga but everybody calls me "Gado". I am 46 years old, married and have 5 children.
It is a great joy and indestructible delight that I belong to Ten Foundations, established by Ian Campbell. 
I have been working as a sugarcane planter for almost ten years which is called "Sakada" in Tagalog (plantations of sugarcane worker) who are hired from outside and mostly are unskilled laborers with very low wages. It's unexplainable how struggling and hard work being a sugarcane worker, almost every day I tolerate the heat and rain just for my family to eat. It's very hard because it is not enough for us as, I need my children to study, so no matter how it is hard, I work. The saddest part is when you are away from my family not for holiday, not vacation but for work. 

When I entered at Ten Foundations, it was a great relief to me. I was so grateful that I belong to this organization honestly. I've been working here for almost three years. A great way of life that I was here and I could say that I could not change my job aside from being closer to our house and in addition to working well and great income too. I also saw the appreciation and treating well of a fellow man and as a worker. Thanks to the life of Papa Ian though we are far away he continues to meet us and appreciate the lives of a poor. I and my family salute you, Papa Ian, thank you for having you. May you live peaceably with our God's guidance."