Ten Foundations


This is the story before Ten Foundations came into my life.

I am the youngest of four siblings from my father and his first wife. As a child, I never felt that my mother really cared about me because she left us and never came back.

I got married at early age and have two sons living in a hard life that is not prosperous. Due to a lack of education, I was having difficulty finding a good job to cover my families everyday expenses.  So I was forced to collect and sell unused plastics, bottles, etc.

My husband had no permanent work as well, as he is a temporary labourer. It’s not too easy for us to make a living everyday. There are times when I ended up relying too much on alcohol because of feelings of depression from living so miserably.

Then one day I heard about this group of people called “Ten Foundations.” When they were doing a feeding programme in our village at that time, I got surprised since one of my children became one of the recipients among other children to receive nutritious foods. It was great because the feeding programme was done regularly in our village so I was able to meet them all. At that time I was surprised they offered me a job. They gave me chance to start to work for them as one of their main goal is to help vulnerable people. I told myself that I am so underqualified for the job. On my first week of work I was enlightened and thankful that they gave me a chance and helped me change my family's daily routine into better life with more opportunities. Ten Foundations gave us the opportunity to show our capacity to learn and our capability to work. They never hesitated to teach us and they  trained me well, though I had no previous knowledge.

Now I’ve been with them for almost six years now, working to the level-up my skills to sewing different types of bags. And because of the opportunity that Ten Foundations gave me, now I’m able to cover the financial needs of my children and I can buy some things we need and send them to school at same time.

In June 2017,  something unexpected happened in my life. While I'm working at Ten Foundations, someone phoned me and said, I need to go home because something happened to my dear husband. I was shocked when I got home and witnessed that my husband was dead. There was an unidentified man carrying a knife and stabbed my husband which caused of his death. He just died without fighting back because he wanted run out of our house to protect our children from getting involved. The man followed and cornered him outside and stabbed him 20 times and left my husband unconscious. We tried to bring him to the hospital however the doctor declared that the patient was dead on arrival. At first I could not accept that my husband left us already especially since our children were still young and it’s hard for me to accept it today.  It's like a mess every day that I knew I couldn't see him anymore. It’s really hard to deal with a life where he is not with us as the father of my children. I must say that he was a loving husband and a good father to my children. But I have to move on. I need to stand up for my sons.

Now, as a single parent, I’m glad and blessed that I found Ten Foundations. They never leave us. Instead they treat us more than like a family. So grateful that I belong with them,  especially to our PAPA IAN CAMPBELL who never stops helping us and giving us endless support. He is my inspiration to step above any obstacles that make my life miserable. Even he has his own personal battle with his health but it doesn’t stop him but rather he uses it as motivation to help more needy people. Those actions gave me HOPE to live through what every trial that I’ve encountered. We must face it and stand firm. I am thankful for those trials because they have made me a better and stronger woman today.