Ten Foundations


Before Ten Foundations, we used to collect garbage. I came to know Ten Foundations because of my children, they are all recipients of the feeding programme in our neighbourhood. There’s really a big difference in my life before and after Ten Foundations.  


Now we have decent place and live unlike before. I can send my children to school regularly.  I can buy clothes for them. Before we were in a squatter area with no decent house. I have a dream that all my children will be able to finish college one day, unlike me because I didn’t learn how to read and write.


Before I didn’t know how to dream.  Because I had no educational background and I come from a very poor family. I told to myself that my destiny was to be poor forever. But since then, my understanding of life has became wider.  


Now I am full of hope and I can plan for my family because I know Ten Foundations is on my side, to guide us and help us. I am really thankful and grateful that Ten Foundations came into my life. I am now full of confidence to face the future. I am inspired that now I can even buy my own clothes. My fear has gone. Thank you Papa Ian. Thank you Ten Foundations!