Ten Foundations

Babalyn Paleria

I had a life story that made me into what I am today. My name is Babalyn Paleria, 28 years old, with 5 children from Batangas Philippines. How my life was changed by Ten Foundation. Here is my story begins…

My only dream for my children is send them in school till they finish studies and they will experience a good life like other children, give them a better future. But for someone like me, no education, I could not get a job.

Our house was made from plastics, rice sacks and patches of scrap of plywood. No water, no electricity. For us to eat at night, we tap on the electricity of neighbour and shut down when finished but sometimes neighbour turn off the light even we still eating because we don’t have money to pay for the light. My husband went fishing but what he earned was not enough to support our daily needs, could not even eat 2 times a day sometimes none if no fish catches. Way back then I had four children and really struggling in life. When my children say “ Mama, we are very hungry”, I just told them to take some sleep and when wake up there would be delicious food at the table. I can’t help my tears to fall while looking to my children and my heart broke down into pieces because of the situation. At young age my children oversee the terrible scenario of life.

I decided to accept laundry from anyone and wash dishes to the neighbour to buy foods for my children. Then, I find out that I was pregnant to my fifth child. I don’t know what to do to raise another child. I don’t want another child starves in hunger and live in a horrible life we had. After two weeks of delivery, I and my husband decided to give our child to the neighbour. As a mother it was heart breaking, I just cry looking my child leaving with neighbour.

We continue to live in a tough life and I almost give up until one day, people talking about there would be a foundation {TEN FOUNDATION} that will conduct feeding program in our place. My children were some of the beneficiary in the feeding program. And I met Papa Ian and his people. They feed the children in our place daily including mine. They told us that they would like to help me. They have livelihood program and they will train mothers in sewing bag. I was afraid because I have no knowledge at all and maybe I would not be qualified because never had skills. They trained me very well; I learned and earned money more than what I got before in laundry or washing dishes.

Now, I am proud and happy as I have permanent job with the help of Ten Foundation. I able to built a concrete house, with electricity, with running water. I also bought motorbike for my husband for his job. My children are all studying in school and we have food served in our table. Not only that, Ten Foundation helped me to develop my skills which I never knew I am capable with.

TEN FOUNDATIONS transformed my life from dim light into a bright future. It does really change my life.