Ten Foundations

About Us

Who Are We?

We are Ten Foundations, and we were set up in Northern Ireland, UK from 2012. Since then we have  impacted the lives of dozens of women from the Balayan region in the Philippines, and by the extension of their children and families, hundreds of people in their community. Apart from our main mission, we run a livelihood programme, including a scholarship programme, skill building and medical missions.

What Do We Do? 

Many charities around the world aim to provide homes to people. While very necessary, we aim differently. With our Livelihood Programme, we help women get out of impoverished situations by providing them with the necessary skills and resources to learn how to use an industrial sewing machine. With this knowledge, they are then able to work and provide for their families in a sustainable manner. Each woman in Ten Foundations is given the tools to help lift herself and her family out of the cycle of poverty, effectively helping to break it.

How Did We Start?

We began by raising money to build orphanages for children in the Philippines, but quickly realised that we were not reaching the root of any problem by encouraging the institutionalising of children, instead almost aiding in continuing the cycle of poverty. We realised the heart of the issue was that mothers were unable to provide for their children as they didn't have the necessary skills.

So, we adapted.

Where Are We Know?

Now, our focus is not on raising money for the short-term and providing easy aid, but instead to work towards a sustainable future for these women (we call them the “mothers”) in need by providing them with life-long skills that can help them earn money in ways they would otherwise be unable to.

We buy industrial level sewing machines for the women to make schoolbags with and develop their own skill set, enabling them to create a path towards earning and caring for their families and themselves.

Why schoolbags?

Because it epitomises our vision- education paves the path to a brighter future. By educating the women who make up our foundation with skills that they never had before, they are given a lifeline out of a situation in life that they had no control over. More often than not, this situation includes severe poverty, no electricity or running water, and not having the resources to formally educate their own children.

By helping them acquire the skills and resources they require to produce these schoolbags, they effectively gain a life skill that allows them an array of future opportunities, giving them an  independence that they never had before. An independence that allows them to support themselves, rather than being supported by donations from a charity organisation that may one day stop.


To empower the community we work with, provide them sustainable future with their skilled, educated, trained, employed and living in a healthy environment.


Supporting vulnerable children, adults and families living in Balayan, Batangas, Philippines.


1) To empower every head of the family economically through various livelihood programs, equip them with sewing skills, production of school bags and other skills development training accord with their individual capacity and interest necessary to financially support their own families.

2) To provide employment opportunity from very poor backgrounds regardless of their religion, colour, age, sexual orientation, physical or mental condition, marital status or ethnicity.

3) To help young people from very poor backgrounds through its scholarship, for whole college would never be achievable.

4) To provide other charitable activities to disadvantage families or children such as feeding and medical assistance to the needy.

5) To help in disaster situations and will from time to time assist with medical aid and feeding programmes but only at times of dire need, within the communities within which it operates and at the express instructions of its governors and donors.

6) To work in coordination with different NGAs, institutions, and private organizations either local or international; with its primary objective of ensuring the growth and development of all programs instituted by the Foundation

7) To raise funds and accept donations in whatever form for the realization of the fore-cited goals and to become self-sustaining organization with all profits being re-invested in more livelihood centres and improving the wages and living conditions of all assisted families.

Belfast Man Helps People In The Philippines wins Award from UK Prime Minister

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