Who we are

We are Ten Foundations, and we were set up in 2012. Since then we have impacted the lives of dozens of women in the Philippines, and by the extension of their children and families, hundreds of people. Among other things, we run a livelihood programme, which includes a scholarship scheme, skill building and medical missions.

How we started?

We began by raising money to build orphanages for children in the Philippines, but quickly realised that we were not reaching the root of any problem by encouraging the institutionalising of children, instead almost aiding in continuing the cycle of poverty. We realised the heart of the issue was that mothers were unable to provide for their children as they didn't have the necessary skills.

So, we adapted.

Now, our focus is not on raising money for the short-term and providing easy aid, but instead to work towards a sustainable future for these women (we call them the “mothers”) in need by providing them with life-long skills that can help them earn money in ways they would otherwise be unable to.

We now buy industrial level sewing machines for the women to make schoolbags with and develop their own skill set, enabling them to create a path towards earning and caring for their families and themselves. Why schoolbags? Because it fits with our whole ethos of creating a sustainable future for communities!