Who we are

We are TenFoundations.org, we are a charity based in Belfast supporting vulnerable children, families and communities in the Philippines. Our vision is to relieve the suffering and hardships vulnerable children and families face everyday by providing care and support where it’s needed most.

Ten Foundations is a non-religious Charity, we are not affiliated or associated with any Church or Religious Organization, we help and welcome people from any Faith or none, any race or colour, with love and compassion.

We have seen the deprivation and sheer poverty vulnerable children and families live through everyday, so we understand the positive impact our programmes have. We know that by providing these vital programmes we can open more doors to education and learning, empowering everyone we support and helping them create a better life for themselves.

We will never stop looking for ways to improve the lives of vulnerable people living in the Philippines. It is this determination and attitude that defines who we are and it is an inseparable part of the way we work.

We are committed to reducing poverty and building a positive future for the children and adults we work with. Our work revolves around two core development areas: livelihood and education programmes.
To tell the story of Ten Foundations is really to tell the dream and vision of our founder, Ian Campbell. This is a story of an ordinary man with an extraordinary vision. In 2011 Ian went on a holiday to the Philippines. There he fell in love with the country, the culture and the people, but soon realised there was another side to that beautiful country with many people living in terrible poverty. On his return to Ireland Ian started researching in more detail the extent of the problems affecting millions of Filipinos, struggling every day just to survive .

" In 2012 i went through a bad business venture, we lost our home , our business and all our savings, at the same time i was diagnosed with prostate cancer, it was a low time for myself and my wife, i was 64 years of age back then and had nothing left, nothing to live for, so i thought i can sit here and feel sorry for myself or i can do something positive with my life. On my previous trip to the Philippines i had met some Filipino people and we had discussed ways of helping their fellow Kababayans so that was the time Ten Foundations was born .

The TEN Foundations shelter and livelihood centre ,Bayanihan Village , provides a home and a small school to children. They offer scholarships for many others as well. Their feeding programme helps more than 400 malnourished and hungry children in Batangas. More than 30 families benefit from their livelihood programmes which cover skill development training such as sewing and soap making .

We believe in the proverb, ’Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day; show him how to catch fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.’ We think of sustainability, on this initiative we can generate income for them and for other TF programmes. We are also helping mothers who are not employable due to illiteracy and lack of skills.

To reach a wider market for the products made in the livelihood centres, TEN Foundations opened a café and gift shop in Belfast, Northern Ireland, here, they sell bags and other Philippine products made from recycled and environment-friendly materials like tetra packs, crisp packs, rice bags , drinking straws, etc.

Our shop in Belfast is already making a difference to us. We now have over 30 mothers making these bags and it’s now the most important thing we do. In 2014, these mothers were living in complete poverty – no money, no education and no hope. Today they are earning up to P10,000 a month , it is all about giving them the ability to change their own lives.

Ian hopes they can build more livelihood centres all over the Philippines. These projects, he says, have a very positive effect on the communities that they are helping.