Poverty’s hard cycle

Poverty is a hard cycle to break

Such poverty and deprivation adversely affects children’s development. “Poverty hurts the physical and psychological health of girls and boys. It hinders their chances of acquiring the skills, capacities, and confidence they need to reach their full potential: ‘Poverty causes lifelong damage to children’s minds and bodies, turning them into adults who perpetuate the cycle of poverty by transmitting it to their children’”

We want to help break this cycle and give these children a chance to lead healthy, safe and productive lives as adults.

At a time when children should be provided the needed resources to develop into healthy adults, poverty often denies them access to these resources.

“What happens to children in their early years, and even before birth, significantly determines how well they develop and learn, and how much they will contribute, or cost, society as adults” (CPAG, 2003). Since childhood is such a critical time in life, it is economically sound to invest in antipoverty projects that help children develop in to healthy adults. Development economists, have all pointed to the importance of investing in people’s human capital to help an economy develop and grow. Investing in children’s human capital, is investing in the development of a country.